Maman for Israel is the largest women-led aid organization operating out of Los Angeles, providing immediate support to civilians and soldiers, in full coordination with the Israeli military. 

From the onset of this war we have pivoted our community to support Israel. Maman is continuously mobilizing critical resources and procuring vital equipment for soldiers and civilians. We are running an unprecedented comprehensive logistical operation leaving no request unanswered. Our rapidly growing community is highly connected to top suppliers, private donors and influential figures within both the US and Israel allowing us access to seemingly impossibly opportunities


As the death toll from the Hamas onslaught continues to climb, and the war is evolving, your support is invaluable and will allow us to continue to scale these crucial efforts. 100% of every donation made will directly contribute to acquire the vital equipment and support urgently needed. 


The operation is led by top Israeli military ex special forces commanders and leading Jewish American entrepreneurs, but spread like wild fire throughout Los Angeles, through the support of Jewish mothers all over the city. Together we are invincible and will triumph, Am Israel Chai!